National Gallery of Art

I went back to here to find an installation by Leo Villareal which took a little effort, but I really liked it for the most part. It goes under to connect each wing of the gallery, and has a moving sidewalk to go across too, but it was pretty shaky. The lights move around in random patterns, and sometimes go off all the way making it pretty dark inside. I just wished that it continued along the other side of the wall and completely encased the hallway. Another thing that would maybe add is to have the light patterns interact with people as they move through the space, instead of being their own entity.

They had a lot of other nice pieces of art too, but I didn't get to see as much here. I only got to run through quick since it was getting close to closing.

I always like looking at the marble sculptures, it's still amazing to me how people could create such smooth, detailed forms out of stone, and I like how they just have plain finishes to emphasize it. 

Robert Stackhouse - Drawing for Ghost Dance

All the entrances and shops were covered with flowers for the festival that was about to start. I also got to see some of the more abstract paintings from Pollack and some more of the color field paintings here too. One of the big sections was closed off for a show that was being installed at the time, so sometime I'll have to get back to look around more.