Various Updates

I did some basics for making the main page of my app a little more functional. It now has a message, if the lab is open or closed, which is automatically based on the schedule. In addition, the schedule is also now shown. I also have a spot for a message of the day, which can be for news, or if the lab closes early, etc., that is updated through the internet. Just need to do some better styling with it all, baby steps. Also worked on the classes section, it contains all the major classes for the photography program, teachers, and links to view their syllabuses and calendars, that expand on tapping.

Now for the fun real work news. Prints! in glorious 3D! Or at least the one I managed to get done so far, all I can do right now are just little mini 'quick' prints. The quality isn't so great, and its pretty small, but as a test, I think it should be possible at least. :

And the new main page for the website is mostly working, images are filling the entire page, and the header parts are there with some background to make it readable. Thoughts? The only thing then is you wont necessarily see the entire image, so I'll have to pick some where that isn't entirely important.

Some new inspiration:

Beili Liu:I don't know if this piece in particular is more about process, but I think its pretty neat anyway, along with her other work. 

Finally the best for last(Maybe?) I've been working on some new images too, more little fragments, and also have been trying out some new editing methods. Here is the result for one of them: