Project Update

Lower Quality
Higher Quality

For this background image, I thought that an archway type set of shapes would be the first thing to try. It took a bit to figure out how to create them easily without having to manipulate each shape separately, and into a position where they are more connected than spaced apart from each other, but I think it works for now. Then it took even longer to figure out how to make the quality of it a lot higher so it would look better for printing. The initial hdr image that I was using had a lot of the lighting information, but it was blurred out a bit for smoothing When I switched to a higher resolution image that it came with, it lost the better lighting information, along with the shadows. So the end result was to blend each layer together a bit, so everything would come out.

I also did another metal print using the clear coating this time instead of the white, since we changed the printer back to glossy ink for it. It came out pretty good I think besides the part where it gouged into the sheet, but I figured out the issue and I'll just have to recoat a new piece and print it out again.