Project Updates

One of the new ideas for my project has been these more cage shapes to contain some of the others. This way instead of just having these abstract shape 'memories' floating on their own, they could be partially contained, and well as being outside of it. This was just one idea to test with, I would maybe add another side into it to add more vertical space to see into, or have it hang from the other direction. The other filled photo shapes could then either rest at the bottom of these, or still hang inside, underneath, and all around them.

I tried doing a 3D print with a makerbot after taking a bit to figure that out, to see if that would work for the cage shapes. Otherwise they would be pretty difficult to fold and keep together. Also, I think it would contrast well with a rigid structure against the shapes being not as much depending on the paper I use. The one part I tried as a test came out badly, and broke into a few pieces. 

I also was talking with the Object Design people as well about using the laser cutter to cut the shapes out, and they said there shouldn't be any problems with that, or with lining the laser up to an already printed page as well. That way I can print out the images, and just laser cut the shape without having to use scissors for however many I end up needing.

I have also been fixing sizes of my shapes, so I can now build the shapes to the correct scale. I created a few so far that are 3 inches now. The previous sets were either scaled to fit a page size, and the next trial set was an inch big which was a bit small scale-wise to be able to see anything of. I could still have a some that are larger, but I think I found a good smallest size. I have tried to contact some of the artists whose work I'd like to find out about more, but I haven't gotten any responses yet.

Another thing I have been rethinking with is with the boxes again. I need to just try making a simple one and seeing if I like it. 

Digital Cage Shape
3 Inch shapes with broken blue 3D printed cage
Large 82x82 Print taped onto the conference room wall.
(Closeup) Large 82x82 print taped to the conference room wall.