Mural/Project Testing

I've been messing around with seeing what/how to get some of my ideas going, so here's some results. For the wall mural, I wanted to try just to see if seaming the image is something possible, so for the square images, instead of just having a 40x40, it could go 80x80+ if it's sectioned across pieces that join together. I tried doing a small sample out of paper just to see how to print it out easily this way, and if it would look horrible. It wasn't that bad considering its low quality on copy paper, and I cut it with scissors.

I also tried working on figuring out the whole projection part of my one idea. This time I did it a different way which works a bit better I think. I just used some sheets of paper to go on, and was holding everything while editing it all, so the scaling/sizes are a shade off, but it seems possible at least if everything is mounted solidly.

Collage Stuff: Seems like printing straight onto sheets of aluminum is the cheapest way to go using coats of inkaid. There are also precoated sheets that cost a lot more. Another thing is to do transfers onto the aluminum as well.  Then the highest option of other some of the other printing methods, like dye sub, which is a bit off the scales, and undoable with what's available to for me to use. I also found this material called Chromaroll, but I'm not really certain about it. The basic summary is to get some aluminum sheets, sand them with steel wool, wash them with something to get the oils off, coat them a few times with the ink aid, and print to victory. If none of this works at all, I can always just use paper and mount it to the metal too I suppose, or just use canvas. 

Aluminum Printing with inkaid

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