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Nicole Crock


A house you can always take with you.

Box Clouds

Nicole's Statement:

A synopsis of the conceptual element driving my officially approved thesis project Home is a physical and psychological destination that we all have in common. It is a place of comfort, memory, longing, distance and dislocation. For my thesis project I will complete a series of interdisciplinary installations and objects that explore my personal relationship to and understanding of the concept of home. Having relocated many times, I’ve developed a feeling of dislocation. I’ve begun to question, where is home? What qualities make a home possible? What does it mean to settle down? Can a home be a shield between us and the world? Can we hold onto it and carry with us, wherever we go?

In my continued search for home, the places I’ve lived begin to blend together, blurring the boundaries between specific locations and time, until I cannot distinguish one place from another. I need to know a place, to discover its identity and find my identity within it. A new place, a new home, may take over the old, but cannot destroy it, remnants remain, creating a layering of time and space like layers of strata in the earth, a record of life. What if we could collapse that record, to pull at time and space and bring all these places closer together, to create the perfect chaos of home, where every moment can live at once and be equal, never having to sacrifice the comfort of home for the challenge of forward movement.