Project Ideas Revisions

After going over everything in class, and talking with some people afterwards, I have some ideas that I think will work better by combining a few of them so that they will work together better. So in combining the sculpture with the collage, they can both work together instead of being independent ideas. So the collages on the wall can all be the fragmented abstraction images. Then the images that will be on the pedestal could then relate by being images containing the objects that I'm using for the fragments on the wall. Depending on what ends up working out, it could also be replaced by one of the book ideas as well.

The lightboxes I made last year

My Book ideas images:

Project Ideas

First Idea: Projected Sculpture Thing: Animation: This is an example I made trying to depict this idea, there would be a pair of images hanging on the walls on either side of a corner with a pedestal in the middle. There would be an object, maybe a book, in this case I am still using the chest idea continuing from last semester, that would be "exploded" out into parts and suspended by wire I suppose from the ceiling. Inside of the bottom of the chest I would have paper, or something arranged in a way that would look like a scattering of images at the bottom, and a projector would be used to place images that would be able to change and cycle through. The idea I had behind this was instead of forcing an interaction between the viewer and what I create, you'd be able to still see and experience things, though in a different way, just by watching and moving around a little. Though it does change some aspects of my prior ideas I think it's still interesting.


Ophelia's Ghost



Second Idea: Wall Collage: The idea for this was to continue with the collage I was doing before and make it more three dimensional by placing the images onto panels that would be extended out from the wall at different depths. By doing this they would have more 'layers' allowing them to be read easier I think, and I like the shadows that are created by the structure too. 

Wall Collage example

Third Idea: Abstracted Book: This is pretty simplistic in a way compared to some of the others, but it would be a nicely made book consisting of the abstract imagery I've been making. I liked George's book from last semester of his images, and how they went together well, and I think having a consistent look/theme would apply to this group of mine. 

Fourth Idea: Handmade Book: This is a continuation of an old project I was working on last year, which was a small 6x6 book that I made myself. I used stained paper and Polaroid transfers to get the images inside, and wrote on the adjoining page about the image and why it was important to me, or the meaning behind it, like a photo journal. 

Fifth: Lightboxes: This is another continuation from an old project, where I made small back-lit frames to display images with. I got this idea from seeing Jack Wall's work in class, and liked how they portray the space in his images. 

Wall Prints & Testing

I was originally thinking to try one of the abstract images I made towards the end of last semester to use as my large print, but after a few tests it just wasn't working out because of how much it had to enlarge, from my digital camera. I then tried printing one a scanned film image I took for a class last year that I was interested in seeing how the texture would work with the image on a bigger scale, which was pretty interesting. I kept trying as well to make the abstracts work well, so I tried a bunch of ways to get them to work through film, using my equipment, as well as the bronica sq-a, which almost ended up working a bit too well. I've only done one test roll so far but the results I think are pretty workable, especially on medium format film, there wont be any issues enlarging it.

Old film scan
Abstracts on film testing

Triptych Experiment

This is a series of three, chosen from a group of images from one of my abstract projects. They work pretty well when grouped together, and from being of the same object, and I need to explore more with this idea. It could even be a start for an abstracted object book, not sure yet.


I like the ideas behind this even though people send him their own imagery. It's a pretty clever way to handle various situations and feelings that aren't often discussed among people.